The main purpose of our practice is helping individuals find their proper lifestyle and nutrition habits which is are the most suitable for their body and temperament.

The first step is Individual Assessment which includes detailed evaluation of all signs and symptoms, individual main complaints and basic analysis of the body and temperament. Second will be eating or nutrition habit assessment which will be done with cooperation of the clients. Finally based on the results of step one and two, Detoxifying Period for the duration of 1-2 months will begin. During this period, a proper diet program along with some specific health points and herbal medicines will be proposed.

Throughout the Detoxifying Period we will follow up with you. We will be with you each day with all your concerns and questions. The satisfying points of the Detoxifying Period for almost all the clients are to feel good, general health improvement, sleep quality increased and weight loss. It is worth to mention that during the Detoxifying Period, most of the signs and symptoms which were the main complaints of the clients will be resolved. This point is the most important for us as it shows the worth and the value of nutrition as well as diet habits of individuals.

Based on the client’s feedback, one or combination of the services listed below along with a new diet program will be suggested :

  • Massage therapy with La Nature pure and fresh oils
  • Cupping
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Leech therapy
  • Nutrition / Amincissement